What topics will the thoroughfare plan address?

  • Assessment of the existing transportation system
  • Assessment of future needs of the transportation system based on:
    • Future economic development potential
    • Local and regional transportation forecasts
    • INDOT and other regional transportation plans
    • State, regional and local bike and pedestrian systems and plans
    • Regional transit plans
    • Recommended future classification of roadways
  • Recommended right-of-way standards

What timeframe are we planning for?

The planning timeframe for this plan is 15 to 20 years.

Is a thoroughfare plan only about building roads?

No, the plan is not only about building roads.  New roadways may be but one component of the recommendations to address future transportation needs.  Just as critical in the plan is understanding traffic patterns and how the existing transportation system is currently used by multiple users.  This understanding allows for identification of improvements to existing roadways which may also address future transportation needs.

Who uses the plan?

The plan is intended to be used by Plainfield officials for determining priorities for roadway improvements and street maintenance duties.  The plan is also intended to be used by developers, engineers, planners, residents and others involved in developing land use and transportation objectives in the town.